Oasis Books was established in Logan, Utah in 1983 at the invitation of several Christian pastors and churches. Those pastors are long gone, and various membership of congregations has changed. Since 1983, Oasis Books has moved several times to different locations within downtown Logan. Currently Oasis Books is in the heart of historic Logan, half a block from the LDS tabernacle, in the old Glauser's Cafe. The mission of Oasis Books remains the same- to use literature distribution, logic and gentle conversations to draw people to a loving Christ who delights in forgiveness and turning people to a new life in His grace.

Oasis Books, as a division of Community Christian Ministries, based out of Moscow Idaho, has IRS non-profit status as a charity, and all monetary donations to support the ministry are tax deductible. Please contact us if you would like to donate. Please pray for our ministry efforts and outcomes, and add us to your church's prayer list.