Our Mission:


Oasis Books provides free literature, Bibles and great discussions to any interested persons.  We are one of several bookstores purposefully located in college towns that have no other Christian Bookstore. Oasis Books staff witness on two different Northern Utah college campuses (USU and WSU) over 40 days a year, in addition to other structured outreach activities.

  1. If you are a Christian, please pray for the salvation of the lost in this area. Obey this- Love God, Love others.

  2. Be prepared to lead others in love to a saving relationship with our most gracious Savior.

  3. Be in the habit of regular Bible study so that you can easily invite your friend to come alongside you as you both learn more of His will in His Word.




Many faces, one faith: We are a diverse group of believers – from different denominations within the Christian body – united by our shared faith in a loving God, and our desire to share Him with the world. Read more about Community Christian Ministries, the parent organization, with the button below! Also click here for free audio and PDF literature- some of our favorites.

Who We Are


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